A Finnish company, active throughout Europe, based on:

- Solid professional and customised services

- Flexible locations

- Activities managed remotely

- Online marketing

Contracts with sellers are customised according to specific needs and requirements. The seller can agree with LAutomobiles to e.g. handle detailing, take professional-level photographs or move the vehicle to a showroom. The buyer can assign LAutomobiles for arranging a pre-purchase inspection (PPI), transportation or similar.

The sale contract is preferably signed at the location where the car is located. All other activities can be agreed and arranged remotely.

We focus on Porsches. However, basically all brands and models are very welcome. Thorough analysis and preparation is always done, prior to the start of targeted marketing.

All involved are regularly updated during the selling/buying process. This is fundamental for positive and confident experiences, which is highly prioritised and considered in our daily activities.

Please contact me for further details.

Best Regards,

Leif Lassus, CEO